Founder of Soldiers of the Underground, (a Vancouver collective of DJs and Producers) Phoenix Olivia has an insatiable love for music and the underground dance culture. Hailing from Guyana South America she grew up in a musical house which has carved the diverse character of her sound today.

With both feet firmly planted in the Light and the Dark, Phoenix is adept in both the etheric style of Progressive House as well as the dirty urban sound of Reggae/Dancehall.

This diversity in sound can most likely be attributed to growing up in the West Indies where Reggae and Dancehall is king and eventually moving to Canada and discovering the electronic dance scene at the age of 19.

Undoubtedly, Phoenix has made a noticeable mark in the dance movement of the North American West Coast. Under her party production company Soldiers of the Underground, Phoenix has showcased artists such as San Fransisco's Bluetech, Adham Shaikh, Noah Pred, Kevin Shiu, Cary Chang, Jacob Cino, Chris Misener, Prince Sho, Bounty Hunta, Michael Red, Taal Mala, Max'ulis and Seattle's Osiris Indriya to name a few. In 2008 Phoenix decided to step away from throwing events and focus more on DJing and traveling.

Her Progressive House style is often compared to DJ/Producer Sasha and James Holden with it's dark, hypnotic flow of deep chugging progressive and breaks, while her sexy Dancehall  creates chaos on the dancefloor and allowed her to open for the likes of Barrington Levy. She has played for packed dancefloors and festivals as far as East Africa, Cuba and the Virgin Islands, but her vision for this year is to travel even more and expose her music to, Europe and Asia.