Phoenix Olivia

Phoenix is a lover of  the Arts who traverses the globe in search of all things beautiful. Traveling since the age of  seven and surrounded by music, literature and art growing up, she has had an unending curiosity about life and continues to search for that which connects us all.

Music has always been prominent in her life but her love for Photography began when she was  given a camera at the age of 17 and promptly became her high school year book photographer. Since then and shooting primarily film, she has moved though life with a camera in tow, attempting to capture that fleeting moment when the personality is gone and for a split second, the timeless soul of the human emerges and shines through.

In 2001 she discovered the electronic dance music scene and quickly realized she had something to share and proceeded to develop her skills as a DJ. Since then she has played at countless festivals, nightclubs and secret warehouses across the globe promoting a Progressive Underground sound that is kin with the likes of Sasha, Christian Loffler and Trentmoller.

The Meaning of Life as she sees it, is simply to grow and evolve ourselves to try and fulfill our greatest potential, while at the same time helping, supporting and inspiring others to do the same.