Artist Statement

Born in Guyana, South America and later moving to Canada as a child Phoenix Olivia is a multi media artist working in oil, acrylic, charcoal, spray-paint, photography and sound. 

Her work deals with themes of loneliness, the melancholy of urban isolation and one’s search for belonging. In Phoenix’s case, refuge or a sense of home has often been found through music and the subculture community of the electronic dance underground. A transient solace of connection found among strangers united through music in these dreamy, dimly lit yet vibrant and alluring spaces.

Inspired by the aesthetics of Cyber Punk and Graffiti culture as well as the nightlife ambience of brilliant flashes of fluorescent lights against the deep moody darks of these spaces, Phoenix’s paintings often reflect a world of dynamic colour, vibrancy and movement juxtaposed against a backdrop of the desolate urban landscape. 

Her work aims to create a sense of this hope and life found in music and the fringe subcultures of the post modern, alienated urban life. 



2020 BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Emily Carr University of Art + Design 


2018 "Destruction Follows Swift on the Heels of Pride", Subculture Gallery, GROUP EXHIBITIONS. Vancouver, BC 

2019 "Ghosts and Violins", Libby Leshgold Gallery, Vancouver, BC2018 "Memories of Tomorrow", Buffalo Lounge Gallery, Vancouver, BC2017 "Canada 150", Kimoto Gallery, Vancouver, BC

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